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Ryan Krier

Visual Communications Specialist

Photo of Ryan Krier

To succeed as the Visual Communication Specialist at Credo, you need a fast-paced work ethic and an otherworldly attention to detail. Since joining Credo in 2009, Ryan Krier has excelled on both points—and then some.  

Bringing Campus Visions to Life 

Ryan’s deep expertise in the latest design technologies brings the work of our Campus Planning and Architecture team to life. He creates design scenarios, physical site models, site and 3-D virtual renderings, visual graphics, and much more for use in presentations, documents, and final reports.  

When I started working at Credo, I never imagined my efforts—alongside my peers—would be so life-changing not only for me, but also for the campuses and students we serve.

A Curiosity-Driven Career Path

Ryan loves that each project that crosses his desk helps answer new questions or solve novel challenges that higher education institutions are facing. When he hears positive feedback from clients who are excited to set off in new directions, Ryan finds himself wondering whether he has, in fact, found his dream job. 

More About Ryan

  • Client & Project Portfolio

    Campus Planning & Design Projects

    • Alfred University  
    • American University in Bulgaria  
    • Andrew Wommack Ministries  
    • Arcadia University  
    • Bethany College - Kansas
    • Brevard College  
    • California Lutheran University  
    • Goshen College  
    • Hiram College  
    • IMPACT 360  
    • Lawrence University  
    • McMurry University  
    • Nebraska Wesleyan University
    • North Park University  
    • Ohio Wesleyan University  
    • Wingate University  
  • Education & Certifications
    • B.A., University of Wisconsin-Green Bay