Event | Nov 02, 2015

National Symposium on Student Retention

Credo's student success leader Joretta Nelson will be presenting "Why Students Stay: Leveraging Institutional Strengths to Support Students." Joretta's session will help your institution to understand the factors that impact students' decisions to stay (versus their decision to leave), as well as provide practical assessment tools and best-practice ways to leverage data and resources. Joretta will be onsite before and after her session to answer your questions and talk to you about all things student success.

The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange at The University of Oklahoma is hosting the National Symposium on Student Retention, November 2 - 4, 2015 in Orlando, Florida. This exciting success- and retention-focused event will provide a platform for networking and learning based upon research. Each session will center around sharing evidence-based strategies for comprehensive student success and will empower student success leaders to dialogue about effective programming and best practices.

The keynote speech will be given by Terrell L. Strayhorn, Ph.D., of The Ohio State University, an acclaimed scholar and leader in the fields of student success and diversity. Additional conference events include workshopping, education sessions, and a trip to the Kennedy Space Center.

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