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Event | January 31 - February 2, 2018   Leadership

CCCU 2018 International Forum

Credo will be in attendance at the CCCU International Forum 

From CCCU:

As part of the CCCU’s continuing commitment to Christian higher education, the CCCU International Forum will be the largest gathering of Christian college presidents in the world, bringing together the chief executives in Christian higher education from around the world to share and learn about practical approaches to the major issues that leaders of Christian colleges and universities face.  As Christians, when we gather we have the distinct pleasure not only to learn but also to pray and worship together for our cause and for one another.

CCCU will have sessions dedicated to 10 themes relevant for Christian higher education:

  • Faith Integration and Formation: Consider how we can effectively live out Christian higher education's most distinctive commitment: preparing students to pursue biblical truth and to embody a Gospel witness.
  • Innovating for the Future: Christian higher education must continually adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Share best practices in educational innovation and challenge each other to bold and creative changes.
  • Faculty Excellence and Scholarship: Consider new ways to equip and empower our institutions' most important asset—the faculty—for excellence in the classroom and to support them in their scholarly pursuits.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Amid shifting demographics and escalating racial tensions, explore how our campuses can better reflect God's vision of a church drawn from every nation, tribe, and language.
  • Leadership: Be inspired and equipped to enhance your own leadership in the midst of cultural and economic change. Prepare to nurture and equip the next generation of Christian leaders.
  • The Global View: Christian higher education is expanding across the globe. Understand particular cultural challenges that our 180+ schools face and explore how we can better equip students for a global society.
  • Navigating a Post-Christian Society: Explore how our institutions can thrive amidst more religious diversity and prepare our students to live out the Gospel in a pluralistic world with hope and confidence.
  • Legal and Public Policy: Examine current federal, state, and local laws and policies that impact the work of Christian colleges and universities, and learn how our institutions can effectively respond.
  • Gender and Human Sexuality: Understand and navigate the complex issues of gender and human sexuality confronting our campuses, including sexual violence, the impact of pornography, and caring for LGBTQ students.
  • Resource Development and Financial Health: Understand the financial realities facing higher education today and explore innovative ways that our schools are meeting challenges and embracing opportunities.

In addition, the conference serves as a safe space to discuss the hard issues, network with colleagues, and meet and learn about ways to find solutions to some of your toughest challenges through our sponsors, who are top industry leaders in enrollment, marketing, book sellers, publishers, and more.

The CCCU staff and the Board of Directors look forward to welcoming you to Dallas, Texas! 

The Gaylord Texan | Dallas, TX
January 31 - February 2, 2018
For any questions or concerns, please email:  conferences@cccu.or

Credo is excited to sponsor the 2018 CCCU International Forum! Please look for us there!

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