Alise Napp

Project Manager  

Alise serves the area of Leadership Strategies where she is involved with various aspects of project delivery and business development. Alise works with clients throughout the strategic planning process to build and maintain customized data management portals and train teams on implementation tracking. In her time at Credo, Alise has also worked closely with the Enrollment Services team on project delivery and managed an ongoing enrollment research project for NACCAP. Alise brings experience in university marketing, project management, and liberal arts instruction to her role. Prior to joining Credo, she held positions in higher education at Cedarville University and Alamance Community College. She has taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate level, including Introduction to Humanities and Critical Thinking. Alise is a passionate, lifelong learner who is always eager to deepen her understanding of the surrounding world, apply that knowledge effectively, and share it with others. Alise received her B.A. in Music from Cedarville University and her Master of Liberal Arts with a concentration in Online Teaching and Learning from Baker University.


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