• Rebecca Afshar

    Rebecca Afshar, LEED® Campus Planner

  • Dave Burke

    Dave Burke Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Trudi Cary

    Trudi Cary Coordinator of Operations / Owner

  • Jennifer deCoste

    Jennifer deCoste Vice President for Strategy

  • Christie Dickerman

    Christie Dickerman Project Manager

  • Laura Fabry

    Laura Fabry Office Manager

  • Bill Fahrner

    Bill Fahrner Chief Operating Officer / Owner

  • Roland Sharpe Flores, NCARB Project Designer/ Architect

  • Brian Ford

    Brian Ford Client Services Coordinator

  • Tim Fuller

    Tim Fuller Senior Vice President / Owner

  • Amy Galbraith Client Services Coordinator

  • Tom Gavic

    Tom Gavic President, Founding Partner / Owner

  • D'andre Hardy Project Manager for Student Success

  • Terry Helms

    Terry Helms Vice President for Marketing Solutions

  • Susan Holt

    Susan Holt Executive Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer

  • Paul Janssen

    Paul Janssen, AIA Senior Project Manager

  • Emma Jones

    Emma Jones Chief Brand Officer

  • Ryan Krier

    Ryan Krier Visual Communications Specialist

  • Will Lee

    Will Lee Associate Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Wade McIntyre

    Wade McIntyre Market Research Analyst

  • Steve Morley

    Steve Morley Director of Campus Planning

  • Joretta Nelson

    Joretta Nelson Senior Vice President / Owner

  • Jim Olson

    Jim Olson Project Coordinator

  • Dan Pecor Project Coordinator

  • Anna Scott Pulliam

    Anna Scott Pulliam Business Development Coordinator

  • Sarah Reese

    Sarah Reese, IIDA,LEED®, AP ID+ Interior Designer / Planner

  • Dawn Rolling

    Dawn Rolling, AIA, NCARB, LEED® AP  Director of Design

  • Kevin Rolling

    Kevin Rolling, AIA, LEED® AP BD+C Vice President for Campus Planning and Architecture / Owner

  • Catherine Rumley

    Catherine Rumley Marketing and Events Coordinator

  • Michelle Samuels-Jones

    Michelle Samuels-JonesVice President for Student Success

  • Amy Schwalbach

    Amy Schwalbach Campus Planner

  • Kevin Sohl

    Kevin Sohl, AIA, NCARB Project Architect

  • Joanne Soliday

    Joanne Soliday Founding Partner / Owner

  • Matt Trainum

    Matt Trainum Senior Consultant for Strategy

  • Amy Tomko

    Amy Tomko Vice President for Enrollment Solutions

  • Leah VanLandingham

    Leah VanLandingham Client Services Coordinator

  • Kate Vigneau

    Kate Vigneau Designer / Campus Planner