David hao, J.D.

Affiliate Consultant

David Hao is an attorney turned student success enthusiast excited to create cultures and communities of human thriving and lifelong learning. He currently serves as the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of St. Thomas (TX), a proud designated MSI, HSI, and ASI. Within his current role as Chief Student Affairs Officer, David oversees Residence Life, Student Activities, Counseling, Disability Services, Health & Wellness, Campus Ministry, care and conduct, and Title IX. Previously, as the Dean of Student Success and chief retention officer at Houston Baptist University (“HBU”), David provided leadership to Career Services, First Year Success, the Academic Success Center, TRiO Student Support Services, 504 Accommodations & Testing, Academic Advising, and served as the  Project Director on two Title V projects. During his tenure at HBU, though a formal partner with Credo on a Moving the Needle project, HBU was able to increase first year retention rates by over 9% and overall undergraduate persistence rates by over 7%. Whenever possible, David also loves to teach in an adjunct capacity, and has taught courses at the undergraduate level via both online and face-to-face modalities, including the World of Business, Business Ethics, and First Year Symposium, as well as Master level courses such as the Finance and Legal Aspects of Higher Education, as well as the History and Philosophy of Higher Education. David earned his B.B.A. in Economics from Baylor University, a Master of Higher Education degree from Boston College, a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Boston College, and is a licensed attorney in the great state of Texas.

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