Houston Baptist University Featured in Inside Higher Education

Houston Baptist University keeps a laser focus on best serving the students they have, and it hasn't gone unnoticed! By implementing a series of modules associated with Moving the Needle, a comprehensive student-success centered retention project, HBU increased their first-time, full-time retention, and improved student satisfaction through the integrated customer service they now provide to each student. Credo is proud to have partnered with HBU on these modules, and we give all the credit where credit is due--to the faculty, staff, and students at the University. 

James Steen, Vice President of Enrollment Management at Houston Baptist spoke with Inside Higher Ed about the growth of the campus, and his excitement to implement changes that help better serve the sixth most diverse student body in the country.

Vice President Steen said, “We’re a really diverse campus, but we serve a low socioeconomic group and obviously a private education is expensive, so what we found is financial settlement is a big problem. We had a lot of students carrying balances from term to term, and we had to do something.”

By simplifying and streamlining the clearance process, and creating efficiencies in financial aid, advising, and student life, HBU now ensures students face no barriers to beginning classes, and they can focus on what they came to HBU to do--get a great education.

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President Robert Sloan wasn't initially happy with HBU's retention metrics. Though the institution had brought in consultants before, President Sloan was impressed how Credo came armed with data-informed research and seamlessly partnered with campus leaders, faculty, staff, and students to improve the University's admissions, retention, and student support system. Find out more about HBU's roadmap to success here -> 

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