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Welcome! We are so glad you are here to find out more about Moving The Needle (MTN) Cohorts. Use this page to find out more about joining a cohort, launching in 2021, through the videos, text, resources, and webinar signups in the dropdowns below.

Please watch this short welcome video from Dr. Joretta Nelson, the founder of Moving The Needle.

Continue down the page to find out everything you need to know about Moving The Needle cohorts, including meeting the Core MTN Team, registering for cohort informational webinars, and letting us know you are interested in joining an MTN cohort, launching in early 2021.

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Please use the drop downs below to select the webinar and registration information for the respective webinar(s) you would like to attend and/or access. Some invitees may elect to attend more than one webinar, and then select which cohort they choose to join. Please register separately for each webinar you wish to attend. Additional resources will be available following each webinar, including the webinar recording, presentation, and transcript.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the webinar(s) that work(s) best for you.

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North Carolina Independent Colleges & Universities (NCICU)

Appalachian College Association (ACA)

Association of Catholic Colleges & Universities (ACCU)

What's next? 

Are you interested in applying to join a Moving The Needle cohort? Learn more and get started with your cohort application by clicking the green button below. We're so excited to have you with us!

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