What we really lacked was a research-based, systematic approach that was campus wide. We needed something that was more comprehensive. We were ready to learn and do a better job, and we just needed some good support, some good consultants, some good advisors and partners in the process. The kind of information and expertise that Credo brought to the table was something different. What stands out to me is the clarity of the process and the sense of engagement that the consultants had. They were not distant to us. In the clarity of the communication, the clarity of the process, and the follow-up; they would always close the loop. --Dr. Robert Sloan, President, Houston Baptist University 

What Academic Programming "loops" remain as open opportunities on your campus?

Credo's comprehensive yet targeted approach to Academic Programming provides the foundation of effectiveness and efficiency for your institution to seamlessly stitch together the threads of programming that connect each student to their academic experiences. From orientation to graduation, how does your institution stack up when it comes to the student academic experience? We will meet you where you are and use data to evaluate and recommend best-practice processes and procedures to take everything from Program Prioritization to Academic Advising from good to great. 

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