Student Success & Retention Student Success Assessment

Our Student Success Assessment is called an ACE® because our approach and methodology are built entirely around the concept of Assessing, Counseling, and Empowering our college and university partners.

The Student Success ACE is a campus-wide assessment of the current strategies, initiatives, practices, policies, and overall campus culture towards promoting a thriving campus environment for student retention and success.

Outcomes of the Student Success ACE include:

  • A strong foundation of knowledge and clarity around institutional changes that can significantly impact student retention in the short- and long-term, positioning the institution to realize its net revenue goals.
  • Established protocol for collection, synthesis, and analyses of student data.
  • A prioritized list of strategies and action steps to guide institutional planning and resource allocation.
  • The identification of technological system efficiencies, redundancies, or gaps.
  • A comparative assessment of specific high impact practices proven to positively impact retention, including:
    • Academic Advising
    • Campus readiness to support diverse populations
    • Career Engagement
    • Clearance
    • Early-Alert/Early Intervention Systems
    • Financial Aid
    • The First-Year/Second-Year Experience
    • The Physical Campus Environment
    • Residential Education
  • Renewed campus-wide understanding, engagement in, and therefore ownership over improving the conditions that lead to greater student success.
  • Immediate exposure to high impact and best practice resource information.
  • Identification of high-impact, low-cost physical space changes correlated with improved student engagement, satisfaction, and sense of community.

The ACE includes: preparatory work, including a review of campus data; a three-and-one-half day onsite campus assessment; the development of recommendations to leverage campus strengths and opportunities; the creation of a roadmap to help the campus implement recommendations; and follow-up consultation by members of the ACE over an identified period of time.

Best practices in all areas will be shared as part of the ACE, ensuring your institution is well positioned among its competition to realize its quantitative and qualitative retention and net revenue goals.

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