We view institutional health through the lens of these nine elements.

Through years of higher education consulting and more than 200 strategy discussions with college and university presidents, Credo’s team saw patterns emerge in both the struggles and accomplishments of the schools they served. Over time, nine elements emerged as key drivers for success at those institutions, and became The Thriving Framework®. This framework provides the basis for  “Surviving to Thriving: A Planning Framework for Leaders of Private Colleges and Universities.” From Courageous and Collaborative Leadership to Transformative Environments, these nine elements provide a comprehensive yet targeted look at critical components for the success of an institution and its students.

In presenting The Thriving Framework® to leadership teams and higher education professionals, Credo examines how we see each of the nine elements being lived out on thriving college and university campuses across the country, offering strategic and practical examples of best practice. We use this context to facilitate thoughtful discussions about strategic direction, planning, and initiatives at the institutions we serve.