Our Mission

is to help higher education thrive in order to impact the success of students.

You're there for your students & we're here for you.

Let us meet you where you are & take you where you want to go. 

Credo is a comprehensive higher education consulting firm that specializes in working with independent colleges and universities. We have partnered with presidents and cabinet members around the country, garnering unprecedented access to and trust with independent higher education leadership. 

  • 400+ independent college and university clients since 1995
  • 100+ campuses engaged per year
  • 50+ services offered across almost all major areas of institutional strategy and operation
  • 45+ consultants, project managers, and passionate higher education experts on the Credo team
  • 100+ sitting vice presidents, deans and directors from campuses around the country in our affiliate network
  • 275+ partner institution projects each year

Through years of higher education consulting, Credo’s team saw patterns emerge in both the struggles and accomplishments of the schools we served. Over time, nine elements emerged as key drivers for success at those institutions, and became the The Thriving Framework®. From Courageous Leadership to Transformative Environments, The Thriving Framework® provides a powerful lens through which we view institutional health.

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Credo understands what it means to be a small, private institution in a very competitive marketplace. They listened to what our needs were and tailored their consulting to match those needs.
Dr. Tiffany M. Franks, President, Averett University
Credo partners with you on the journey to what you’re trying to accomplish. We look for partnerships more than we look for consultants. They’re very focused on small schools—schools like us.
Tom Enneking, EVP | Provost, Marian University


We believe in independent higher education—in its lasting impact on lives, its ability to transform individuals and the world.

We believe in lifting colleges higher—by developing holistic strategies; by seamlessly integrating practical tools to meet enrollment issues, control financial challenges, and address facility concerns; while embracing traditions, history and culture.

With a greater focus on—and commitment to—the entire institution, environments can be transformed, positive lasting experiences created, people elevated, and results realized.

We do this to strengthen and ensure the longevity of independent higher education.

We believe the world is greater as a result of higher education.

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Core Values


Courageous Leadership

Credo speaks truth with courage, confronting challenges with grace and pushing ourselves and our clients toward growth and innovation.  


Heartfelt Service

Credo believes that caring and responsible service is at the heart of our work and that rich and long-term relationships grow from this value.  


Limitless Potential 

Credo celebrates the limitless potential of people by empowering them to bring themselves authentically into the spaces in which they learn, work, and live. 


Risk with Trust

Credo nurtures an entrepreneurial spirit through collaborative risk-taking grounded in trust and a fail-forward-fast mentality. 


Learning in Action

Credo enters interactions with the humility of constant learners, continuously applying research and data to catalyze action and amplify results.  


Ethical Stewardship

Credo models ethical accountability through careful stewardship of the funds invested in us by trusting clients, ensuring the financial health of the firm in service of our mission.