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Major Campus Construction: Planning Podcast Now Available to Stream

April 14 2023

"Major Campus Construction: Planning" Podcast Now Available to Stream Credo's Dawn Rolling, Architect and Director of Design, and Dean Rodeheaver, Senior Campus Planner, recently joined the Business...

AAC&U and Credo Partner to Support Women Leaders in Higher Education

January 3 2023

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and Credo are thrilled to announce the expansion of the long-running Credo Women in Leadership Initiative (CWLI) to leaders across the...

5 Tips To Ensure Your Strategic Plan Stays On Track 

December 1 2022

The hardest thing about strategic planning isn’t creating the plan, it’s implementing it. But we’ve got good news: there are steps you can take during the planning process to ensure that your...

Measuring Your Strategic Plan With Key Performance Indicators

November 3 2022

Measurement is an essential element of strategic planning because it offers a declaration of intent: This is where we’re going as an organization, and here’s how we’ll know when we get there.

Dr. Burton Webb To Receive 10th Annual Courageous Leadership Award

November 2 2022

Credo is excited to announce Dr. Burton Webb, president of the University of Pikeville, as the 10th Annual Courageous Leadership Award recipient. Awarded at Credo's annual appreciation dinner at the...

Improving Board Engagement with Strategic Planning

October 20 2022

The central purpose of today’s boards doesn’t differ much from what it’s been in the past. Board members are stewards of an organization’s mission and vision, tasked with ensuring that the college,...

Credo Announces 2022 ACCU Moving The Needle Cohort

October 13 2022

Credo and the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities are pleased to announce the Fall 2022 Moving the Needle cohort. Building on the momentum of the inaugural cohort of four ACCU...

4 Ingredients for Seeding Sustainable Change in Your Organization

October 5 2022

Wherever there’s smoke, there’s fire—and whenever an organization embarks on a strategic plan, there’s bound to be change. In many cases, organizational change is approached in a heavy-handed way,...

Five Ways to Authentically Engage Your Community in Strategic Planning

September 14 2022

A president once told our planning team during a strategic planning kickoff meeting, “We all know that we can sit here and in a half-day come up with our top strategic goals—but that would do no...

Credo Announces 2022 Moving The Needle Class

August 15 2022

Credo is pleased to announce the Fall 2022 Moving the Needle class. Congratulations to these institutions for their commitment to building an inclusive, student-centric culture through Moving The...