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Feasibility Studies

Your Gateway to Informed Decisions

Determining Feasibility In Higher EdUcation

Whether your college or university is contemplating starting a new academic program or athletics program, opening or acquiring a school, or adding to the facilities on your campus, Credo offers a comprehensive, strategic approach to higher education planning, providing a research- and data-informed feasibility study to guide decision-making for your institution's future. Our team provides meticulous analysis and strategic foresight to serve as a roadmap for your institution to thrive in an ever-changing educational landscape.

A Credo Feasibility Study provides insights through these key areas


Case Studies & Existing Research


Market Demand & Niche






Economic Impact


Space & Place

Building a Feasibility study with your constituents at the heart

We know how important each faculty and staff member are to your students and to keeping your campus running on all cylinders every day. Similarly, our team is our most valuable resource, and our consultants bring expertise, integrity, and heart to each engagement. It is important that we meet members of your campus and hear directly from key constituents about what is important to you.

How do we get there?

Credo looks forward to visiting your campus team virtually and in person, and engaging with your leadership and key constituents to:

  • Perform an internal data review 
  • Survey students and conduct external market research and program review 
  • Engage in qualitative interviews with leadership and faculty and staff
  • Direct site visits to assess physical space-and-place opportunities

Equipping your campus for a viable future

Following our time together, you will have feasibility recommendations to support your institution's next steps

These integral steps go toward providing you the final report recommendations and feasibility study findings. Whether it be about the feasibility of academic or athletics programs, opening a new school, or adding to physical space of your campus, we will present it to your leadership, and Board of Trustees. You will also receive all findings, recommendations, and presentations as you move forward in your decision-making process.

Credo's Key Resources For Feasibility Studies


Interdisciplinary Consulting Team

Your campus will benefit from the combined experience of our team in the areas of strategy, leadership, student success, athletics, design & campus planning.


Market Research & Data

We will survey students and key constituents, compile and analyze data about your organization and the competition.


Findings & Reports

Our team will present your comprehensive feasibility study recommendations to leadership and your Board of Trustees.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do a feasibility study with Credo?

    Credo has experience to conduct all types of feasibility studies from opening or sunsetting programs, integrating or adding new schools, assess athletics programs, and even building or acquiring new physical spaces for the campus. 

    Though many firms can provide adequate feasibility studies, Credo's team of experts is the difference maker. Our interdisciplinary teams are selected for each client and include strategic thinkers, higher education consultants, and campus planners, designers, and architects, who have designed hundreds of student-centered campus spaces and bring this level of space-and-place design thinking to our clients. Your campus gets a well-rounded team with decades of experience to positively impact efficient administrative, finances, and even your campus spaces and places.

  • Who participates in a feasibility study?

    Credo's team will meet not only with leadership, but also incorporate additional campus stakeholders into the project. Credo's team is equipped to present findings confidentially, and when the time is right, to other campus constituents. We will provide your leadership with reports and findings to equip you to present information to your most important constituents; and we are available to present findings and recommendations to your Board of Trustees and other key stakeholders.

  • What outcomes might my institution expect from a feasibility study?

    The Credo feasibility study increases the likelihood of success for new academic programs, athletics programs, new schools like nursing programs or law schools, or building or acquiring new facilities. Feasibility studies benefit not only the institution, but the whole community. Outcomes will be directly tied to your institutional mission, financial viability, and student success and retention.

  • Can a feasibility study be combined with other institutional reviews?

    It is absolutely possible to do a feasibility study on its own, or to combine it with other strategy or optimization projects. Institutional optimization and strategic planning are important complementary undertakings that can benefit campuses if done concurrently or in succession.

    Many feasibility studies focus on athletics so conducting a full athletics assessment could provide additional layers of information for optimizing functions and efficiencies. Other studies focus on the physical spaces and places of the campus and could be complimented by such supportive services as campus planning or residence life experience programming.

    Our team of consultants can partner with you to determine next steps to ensure the best course of action for your organization.

Feasibility Studies Team

Our team is our greatest resource. Each client project is connected intentionally with thoughtful professionals who utilize their combined experience in leadership, higher education strategy, and client engagement to positively impact learning communities, delivering the highest level of integrity and service. Learn more about our dedicated team here.