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Team Development

REACH new levels of collaboration

How well does your team communicate, and how self-aware is each team member?

Particularly in higher education, leadership occurs through people and relationships. Our team development workshops are designed to facilitate the exploration of individual leadership and work styles with the goal of improving each person’s ability to collaborate across varying styles. The REACH assessment is part of a powerful, psychometrically validated leadership development ecosystem, and underpins the facilitation of these team workshops.

These workshops provide a reflective space within which each team member can consider how to leverage strengths in their own leadership, identify and examine growth opportunities, and best influence others for strategic impact. Facilitated discussions and case studies encourage engagement and relationship across the team as connected to the goals of the work at hand. 

REACH for Teams workshops can be as brief as two hours and as long as a day and a half, depending on your goals for the group, and can be conducted in person or virtually.
Each workshop will include at least the following steps:competencies-1

  1. Assessment: Each member of the cohort will take the REACH leadership assessment via Credo as a REACH Platform Administrator. The survey will launch three to four weeks prior to the scheduled session with a clear deadline for completion.
  2. Profile Review: Each member of the group will receive a personalized profile immediately after completing the assessment that explores their results, including their REACH Quadrant (their natural style) and their REACH Quotient (their ability to adapt to and engage with different styles). Findings will help to explicate strengths and potential areas for development and will underpin the workshop facilitation.
  3. Team Workshop: Credo will lead an interactive workshop to bring personalized profile insights to life through exploration, discussions, and additional REACH learning. The workshop will include at least the following units:
    1. Understanding REACH
    2. The Intersecting Role of Identity & Cultural Norms
    3. Exploring Your Style
    4. REACH Competencies
    5. Working With Others
    6. Overplaying Strengths
    7. Managing Your Leadership Energy