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Moving The Needle on Student Success & Retention

Moving the Needle (MTN) is a partnership that engages your campus community in developing and implementing inclusive student success and retention outcomes. MTN ignites a sustainable culture transformation, improves student retention and graduation rates, and increases net revenue.

Focused on students, partnership, and community, MTN is delivered through a revenue-share model. Over five years, 100% of MTN partners experience continued increases in retention and graduation rates.


MTN partners experienced continued increases in first-time full-time fall-to-fall retention after 5 years.


On average, percentage point increase for first-time full-time retention between the 1st and 2nd year of MTN participation.


Partner institutions had increases in first-time full-time 4-year graduation rates after completing MTN.


On average, percentage point increase for 4-year graduation rate.


Average new annual tuition revenue generated by improved retention at the 5th year of MTN for partner institutions.

"Partnering with Credo allowed us to create effective cross-institutional success initiative teams and drive very real and important change for student success on our campus. We would not have moved as quickly and comprehensively without the Credo partnership."

Suzanne Blum Malley, PH.D. Provost, Methodist University

"Our team spent a long time discerning if MTN was the right thing, but don't wait. Now is the time. We owe it to our students to truly improve their experiences and provide opportunities to thrive."

Deanne H. D'Emilio, J.D President, Gwynedd Mercy University

"Credo helped us think about integrating student success and retention into everything we do; it's not work on top. Changing the culture and seeing the faculty and staff working together was new to the institution and the Moving the Needle journey with Credo helped us get to where we are today with openness and collaboration."

Dr. Lori Werth Provost, University of Pikeville

Program Features


Five-Year Partnership

Credo is a long-term partner to your campus. Together we build a student success plan (2 yrs) followed by ongoing consulting support for tech, tracking, and student success (3 yrs).


MTN Collaborative©

MTN facilitates a learning culture for participating faculty & staff including Talent Development for professional development, monthly Learning Workshops, an annual Learning Summit & Learning Communities. More below.


Success Intelligence Platform

Our partner, Pharos Resources, delivers proven technology with the ability to test, measure, adjust, and adapt every MTN strategy. You get the most useful data and support to enhance student outcomes.



We share in your success! Credo is only compensated for our work when the needle moves from increased revenue from retained students.

The MTN Collaborative©

MTN Collaborative© is a space for shared learning among Moving The Needle partner campuses. Each phase of the project comes with training, support, and professional development, all delivered through a collaborative model.

  • Talent Development

    Available for Moving the Needle partnership campuses, the program builds personal leadership awareness and abilities, sets research-informed context for how students thrive in college, and exposes participants to the current realities and opportunities of higher education. 

    More About Talent Development -> 

  • Learning Workshops

    Credo’s Moving the Needle Learning Workshops are a component of the MTN Collaborative, a space for shared learning among MTN campuses. The goal of MTN Learning Workshops is to share knowledge, resources, and highlight best practices for student success.

    As a result of participating in learning workshops, attendees will:

    1. Learn solutions/strategies for a real-time issue in student success.
    2. Be empowered to implement discussed solutions/strategies on their campus to improve the student experience and increase student retention.

    These virtual workshops are open to all who work at our MTN campuses. 

    Recent MTN Learning Workshop Topics

    June 2023 Pop-up Learning Workshop - Maximizing Retention Over the Summer

    September 2023 Learning Workshop - Student Success Leadership: Managing Up, Managing Through, Managing Self

    October 2023 Learning Workshop - Data Drives Retention: How to Use Data to Maximize Student Success

    November 2023 Learning Workshop - Minimizing Melt, Maximizing Success

    December 2023 Learning Workshop - Building Collaborative Clearance Partnerships

    January 2024 Learning Workshop Supporting Student-Athlete Success


  • Annual Learning Summit

    For Project Leaders, Project Managers, and Student Success Champions from
    all phases of MTN, this annual event will take place virtually on May 15, 2024. 

    Our topic is Meaning-making In Advising to Support Student Thriving with Dr. Laurie Schreiner.

  • Learning Communities

    For Student Success Champions in Phase 2 of MTN, groups of campuses join together to build excitement and dialogue about wins and opportunities related to student thriving and retention.

Current MTN Association Partnerships

Join these associations taking intentional strides towards impacting student success outcomes not only on campus, but also in their entire community.

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Appalachian College Association

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Association of Catholic Colleges And Universities

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Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities

Moving The Needle Participating Campuses

We are so proud to partner with our MTN campuses, including these colleges and universities.

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Miseracordia University
Siena Heights University
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Methodist University
Linfield University
Roberts Wesleyan University
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Newman University
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Pharos Resources: Our Partners In Moving The Needle On Technology

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Credo and Pharos Resources have joined forces to deliver Moving The Needle. The partnership introduces our Success Intelligence Platform, a robust data lake solution powered by Pharos Resources’ proven technology, delivered through all five years of MTN.

Pharos Resources provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve student outcomes. Based on their experience in higher education, they have created the right tools to increase every efficiency and enhance your student's success.

Pharos Resources goes the extra mile to provide excellence in service and technology. Our clients continue to benefit from the ease and efficiency of having all their data in one place—and their students are living out the results. 

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