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Pivot: A Vision for the New University & Surviving To Thriving

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From author Joanne Soliday, are two books for leaders of higher education institutions. Utilized independently or as part of a leadership team retreat, these books provide practical frameworks for strategic planning, adapting to change, and creating the future with the students we serve.

Praise for Pivot

"If you are looking for an inspiring, hopeful, practical, and possibilities-oriented narrative about higher education, Joanne Soliday and Mark Lombardi’s book 'Pivot' should be on your shortlist. But reader beware, Soliday and Lombardi don’t pull punches about the adaptations required to flourish in the twenty-first century learning economy. They challenge readers to do the hard work required to uncover an institution’s pivot. With descriptive, real-life, courageous case studies, leaders will find creative energy and a needed kick in the pants designed especially for those colleges and universities leaders determined to thrive in the modern era."

-FRANK SHUSHOK, JR., Ph.D., President, Roanoke College

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Praise for Surviving To Thriving

"Surviving to Thriving" details a pathway that will enable higher education institutions to foster resilience and reinvention while maintaining the core commitment to educate citizens for the common good. In these turbulent times, this manuscript is engaging, organized, and filled with helpful insights. If college board members, presidents, and their senior leadership teams read this guide and implement the principles outlined in its pages, the next decade will be a period of positive growth and development for private higher education institutions.

DR. KIM S. PHIPPS, President, Messiah College

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