Leadership Accelerator

Executive Coaching

Available to leaders at all levels, executive coaching supports the leadership awareness and capacity of an individual. In these engagements, leaders will work closely with a senior-level Credo coach for a year, connecting via a series of structured sessions to explore strengths and opportunities, identify specific goals for growth, and apply leadership tools and frameworks to their current context.

tap into the REACH leadership Ecosystem

Underpin your leadership awareness with a unique assessment tool

Executive Coaching with Credo incorporates a unique leadership assessment within the REACH Leadership Ecosystem, providing a powerful psychometrically-validated tool to anchor leadership awareness and capacity-building. Assessment results will place you in one of four leadership quadrants, examining your Relating Style and Achieving Style. Coaching sessions will unpack and engage the tool for leadership growth. 


Central to executive coaching is your leadership identity. Coaching sessions will consider the following areas, introducing appropriate tools, frameworks, and strategies for action throughout:

  • Self-Awareness: Effective individual growth occurs through a deep understanding of individual skills, abilities, and challenges. Furthermore, our ability to work with others is contingent upon understanding deeply our current state and our effective communication of what is wanted and needed. How do you show up as a leader? How does your leadership style inform the dynamic of your interactions with others? 
  • Curiosity: Effective individual growth occurs when we get authentically curious about what is perceived about current reality by both you and those around you. How am I perceived as a leader? Does this align with my own self-perception, and where might gaps between the two exist?
  • Energy & Wellbeing: The most effective leaders explicity identify and prioritize their energy and wellbeing needs. How are you creating intention around managing your own energy and wellbeing? How will you prioritize your time and the priorities of those around you in the most effective and impactful ways?  
  • Purpose & Joy: The most effective leaders are engaged in work that connects to their personal purpose and creates opportunities for joy, even through challenge. How are you continuously connecting to your purpose? How are you reflecting meaningfully on your role and what will sustain you in it?