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Institutional Strategy

Mergers & Acquisitions

Collaboration, partnerships & alliances for the future of higher education

continuing your legacy through transformational alliances

The future may look different than we imagined. With the shifting landscape of higher education, the most successful colleges, universities, and organizations are those who have formed meaningful, lasting partnerships: with community organizations, businesses, not-for-profits, and other colleges and universities.

We acknowledge navigating the complexities of mergers and acquisitions in higher education calls for a strategic and informed approach and intentional pace.

Bringing Consideration To Every Conversation

The Credo Approach 

Our approach combines thorough research, stakeholder engagement, prioritization, strategy, and implementation support to ensure a seamless transition and maximize the benefits of any potential merger or acquisition for all parties involved.  

We stand ready to support your leadership team and entire campus community with the expertise and resources to recommend the most viable way for your institution to ensure the legacy lives on.



Strategy Assessment & Feasibility

Opportunities, challenges, and charting a path forward


Due Diligence & Risk Assessment

Comprehensive legal and financial assessment and findings



You have the full support of our team to ensure terms are in place to align with your strategic “why”



Our team has the expertise to support and provide recommendations for integration, relocation, and other adjustments


Communication Planning

Messaging for internal and external audiences and stakeholders including students, faculty/staff, and press


Change Management

Your partners with decades of experience in change management and campus culture will support the future of your thriving campus

New pathways to viable outcomes

The Credo team provides strategic insight and support through the entire process, regardless of your chosen path forward.

From identifying compatible partners to assessing financial implications and ensuring regulatory compliance, our expertise provides a comprehensive solution. By seamlessly integrating institutions and leveraging collaborative advantages, we aim to enhance academic offerings, optimize resources, and strategically position higher education entities for sustained success in an evolving educational landscape.

Credo Partnership Resources for Mergers & Acquisitions


People-First Team

Our team is our greatest resource, and we are a people-first organization. Meeting and hearing from your constituents is core to our values and process.


Research With Heart

We will use integrity and heart as we analyze data and provide recommendations about mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and higher education alliances.


Core Values Led

Our team of courageous leaders bring heartfelt service and learning in action to each project. We keep students at the heart of all our work, and remain committed to impacting a million learners by 2025. 

Why Credo?

Credo's team of higher education professionals are on your team

For more than 25 years, Credo has partnered with college and university presidents, cabinets, and boards across critical areas of institutional strategy and operations. Credo's engagements are enriched by leadership, academics, enrollment, campus master planning, and architecture expertise. Keeping students always at the center, Credo's action-oriented, results-driven partnerships connect to people and culture as the most powerful vehicles to impact transformational student experiences. Informed by proprietary research on institutional thriving and propelled by a robust team of higher education experts, Credo complements your on-campus talent with external context, strategy, support, and accountability.

Mergers & Acquisitions Team

Our team is our greatest resource. Each client is connected intentionally with thoughtful professionals who utilize their combined experience in leadership, strategy, change management, and client engagement to deliver the highest level of integrity and service. Learn more about our dedicated team here.

Meet The Credo Team