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Your Roadmap to Inclusive Student Success Outcomes

Building a strategy for student success

Successfully meeting the needs of today’s student population requires campus attention to the entire student experience, the robust use of data, and measurable strategies for impact.

Credo’s Student Success Assessment provides your campus with a comprehensive review of the entire student experience, beginning with enrollment transitions from admission, proceeding through the processes involved in financial awarding and financial clearance, advising and academic support experiences, engagement inside and outside of the classroom for residential and commuter students, and the pathways to completion. This intentionally inclusive assessment considers the unique experiences of different student populations, evaluating the effectiveness of current strategies to meet their needs of belonging and engagement.   
Credo’s team of student success experts utilize both quantitative and qualitative assessments to design a unique strategic student success roadmap with clear recommendations and guidance for implementation. When fully implemented by your institution, your student’s success and their persistence and retention will improve. 

Key Assessment Areas




Career Engagement




Early Alert


Financial Aid


First- and Second-Year Experience


Physical Campus Environment


Residential Education


Credo’s Student Success Assessment brings an experienced and knowledgable team representing a wide range of relevant expertise to examine systems, programs, and partnerships that impact the student experience in critical, strategic areas.

The following steps are included in the project: 

  • Campus preparation and data collection 
  • Three-day, on-campus assessment and campus-wide presentation 
  • Highly customized, prioritized, and action-oriented strategic student success roadmap


  • A strong foundation of knowledge and clarity around change management that can improve student retention in the short- and long-term
  • Recommendations positioning the institution to realize increased net revenue goals
  • Enhanced protocols for collection, synthesis, and analyses of student data    

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