Institution: Cedar Crest College

Location: Allentown, PA

Quote Image"I came to a Strategy Day because I wanted to make sure I was on the right path from good to great."

Carmen Twillie Ambar

The Opportunity: Overcoming the Isolation of the Presidency

If you are a college or university president like Dr. Carmen Twillie Ambar at Cedar Crest College, your position is truly a singular role, and can sometimes be a lonely place. Dr. Ambar spends a lot of her energy making things happen, and there is not much time to stop, reflect, affirm, and assess.

Dr. Ambar reflects on coming to Credo for a Strategy Day:

“This was my time to talk out loud about the things I think are important, bounce ideas off other people who have a connection to the industry and understand what is going on, and allow me to think more clearly and deeply about issues that are important for my campus. If I hadn’t had a chance to do that, I think that the institution would be worse off in terms of my ability to lead it into its next phase.”

- Dr. Carmen Ambar

The Results of a Credo Strategy Day: Your Agenda for Success

A Strategy Day is built around your agenda. Dr. Ambar's Strategy Day focused on a comprehensive review of the issues that mattered most to her and Cedar Crest College.  “From pillar to post, we covered the cabinet, enrollment, advancement, the physical campus, and more."

Dr. Ambar found great value in stepping away from campus and being able to genuinely focus during her Strategy Day. In preparation, she spent time with her cabinet discussing key challenges that Cedar Crest was facing as an institution, what key initiatives were on the docket for the next few years, and also reviewed and assessed the goals of their strategic plan, which was coming to a close.

“I wanted to make sure we did not sit on our laurels in a world that is ever-changing and then fall back because we got too comfortable.”

 - Dr. Carmen Ambar


From Strategy Day to Strategic Planning & Implementation

After Dr. Ambar's Strategy Day, she was empowered to lead the campus into a new strategic planning process. By inviting the campus community to participate in planning their future, constituents had a voice like never before to speak into what themes mattered most to them. The entire campus was ignited and excited to own their goals and get on track to achieve holistic growth and sustainable progress.

Credo is so proud to partner with this dyncamic, innovating campus. Find out more about Cedar Crest College's strategy for the future in their Strategic Planning Infographic

Next Steps: Your Strategy Day

Dr. Ambar left Credo armed with strategies and ideas to augment both her leadership skills and Cedar Crest College as a whole. How can we empower your presidency and your institution? Schedule your no-fee Strategy Day to start the conversation.

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