Student Success & Retention

Student Success & Retention

Moving The Needle

Moving The Needle on Student Success and Retention

Moving the Needle (MTN) is a partnership that engages your campus community in developing and implementing inclusive student success and retention outcomes. MTN ignites a sustainable culture transformation, improves student retention and graduation rates, and increases net revenue.

Focused on students, partnership, and community, MTN is delivered through a revenue-share model. Over five years, 100% of MTN partners experience continued increases in retention and graduation rates.

Moving The Needle Outcomes


MTN partners experienced continued increases in first-time full-time fall-to-fall retention after 5 years.


On average, percentage point increase for first-time full-time retention between the 1st and 2nd year of MTN participation.


Partner institutions had increases in first-time full-time 4-year graduation rates after completing MTN.


On average, percentage point increase for 4-year graduation rate.


Average new annual tuition revenue generated by improved retention at the 5th year of MTN for partner institutions.

Data Drives Radical Student Success

Together with your campus personnel and systems, our team integrates key technology to collect data and drive momentum towards improving retention and graduation rates.

Success Intelligence Platform

From Pharos Resources, the Success Intelligence Platform acts as a data lake to connect people and information on your campus, making data accessible and meaningful not only for students, but also the faculty and staff who impact student outcomes and success. 

Thriving Quotient™ 

An instrument used on over 200 campuses, the TQ informs academic success, institutional fit, satisfaction with college, and ultimately graduation.

Pathways to Student Success

Evaluating the student experience by collecting data on current students’ perceptions of their institution’s systems and processes, Pathways informs immediate and long-term student success and includes recommendations for:

  • campus environment
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • academic support and advising
  • the clearance process
  • the first-year experience

Moving the Needle on

Talent Development

Currently available to the campuses of our MTN partners, the Talent Development program for faculty & staff builds leadership through the lens of student success.

Hear what MTN Clients Are Saying

Hear clients talk about how Moving The Needle transformed their campuses and communities.

Meet Credo’s Student Success & Retention Team

Partnering with Credo allowed us to create effective cross-institutional success initiative teams and drive very real and important change for student success on our campus. We would not have moved as quickly and comprehensively without the Credo partnership.

Suzanne Blum Malley, Ph.D. Provost, Methodist University

Partnerships in Moving The Needle

Pharos diamond

Pharos Resources

Pharos Resources offers technology and retention intelligence services that empower campuses to identify at-risk students, connect with those students, solve systemic and acute issues, and measure relational interventions. This builds campus-wide collaboration around next-generation processes and more thoughtful interventions.

Pharos partners with Credo to deliver a Success Intelligence Platform that promotes accountability and drives results with the ability to test, measure, adjust, and adapt every MTN strategy implemented on your campus.


The Table Group

Patrick Lencioni is one of the founders of the The Table Group and the pioneer of the organizational health movement. From The Table Group: Our hope is that organizational health will become a practical standard for any company that wants to achieve a competitive advantage and maximize its success. 

The Table Group partners with Credo MTN clients to assess and improve a leadership team’s organizational health journey. The partnership provides leaders with practical, usable data that will help address their most critical issues and make tangible progress right away.

"The campus kickoff for Moving the Needle was received in a positive light and gives me continued confidence in Credo and outcomes for the work. Our team spent a long time discerning if MTN was the right thing -but don't wait -even if you think you are doing a great job. Now is the time. We owe it to our students to truly improve their experience and provide opportunities to thrive."

Deanne H. D'Emilio, J.D President, Gwynedd Mercy University

Student Success Starts Here

Are you ready to radically improve student success and retention outcomes for your communities of learners?

The Moving the Needle (MTN) project is a partnership that engages the full campus community in developing, implementing, and enhancing the conditions, practices, systems, and solutions that foster sustainable, inclusive student success & retention.

Find out more by downloading your complimentary Moving The Needle Guide.

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"Credo helped us think about integrating student success and retention into everything we do at UPIKE. It's not work on top. We shifted all committees and initiatives, including our Board, around Moving the Needle. Changing the culture and seeing the faculty and staff working together was new to the institution and the Moving the Needle journey with Credo helped us get to where we are today with openness and collaboration."

Dr. Lori Werth Provost, University of Pikeville

Building Momentum Through Cohorts

Moving The Needle can be transformative to an individual campus and also through the cohort model. Learning from each other, cohort participants develop and implement inclusive student success and retention outcomes for their campuses and communities.

Why join a cohort? Find out more by visiting our MTN Cohorts page.