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Institutional Strategy

Institutional Assessment & Program Review

Create mission-minded efficiencies throughout all areas of your campus

Ensuring appropriate alignment across both the academic and administrative components of the organization has the potential to transform your ability to undertake and execute against significant initiatives.  

Three Holistic Facets Make The Credo Process Personable & Unique 

More than a traditional program review or administrative audit, the Credo full organizational audit has three components we build together as we strategically plan the future sustainability of your institution or organization. 

Together We Will:

  • build a strong foundation of knowledge and clarity around institutional changes that can significantly impact efficiency, positioning the institution to realize its net revenue and student experience goals.
  • create readiness for implementation of a sustainable system to manage the adjustment and addition of academic programs. 
  • define and set in motion future opportunities related to program growth. 

Academic + Co-curricular Program Review

A thorough Program Review includes adjacent systems and processes including co-curriculars.  

We will start with your academic unit and expand out to include the alignment of recruitment pipelines with a healthy financial model for programming. Next, we will effectively balance course scheduling, classroom utilization, programming, faculty balance, academic policy for decision making, and how all elements of the academic unit—including co-curriculars—impact the student experience and the financial sustainability of the college or university overall. 

Administrative Review

The Credo team will thoughtfully and with great intentionality partner with leadership and teams to create administrative efficiencies in organizational resourcing.

Together we will analyze current structures and processes to determine the appropriate organizational model for the community, co-create the elements necessary for launching and sustaining a new efficiencies model, and perhaps most importantly, develop community readiness and resiliency for change.  

Strategic Implementation 

Following community adoption, the Credo team builds in four months of strategic advising. This allows you to stay connected and create momentum around the most effective ways to unblock obstacles and empower leadership to guide the campus to greater success in implementing and sustaining efficiencies. 

We had a very positive experience with Credo guiding us. The Credo team has provided us with tools, such as rubrics, action plan templates, and a workbook, that can be used in the future. We appreciate and respect Credo’s experience and expertise in the area of higher education.

Tom Verrill, MS Senior Vice President Financial Administration at Southern Adventist University

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