Enrollment & Financial Aid Solutions

You know that meeting enrollment goals is key to living out your mission and building a strong financial base. Finding the optimal mix of best-fit students and supporting their persistence to graduation requires your team to adopt best-practice-supported strategies that drive student success. 

Whether you are striving to attract and recruit traditional undergraduates, graduate students, adults, online learners, or any combination of these constituencies, Credo equips your enrollment, admission, and financial aid teams with a customized set of strategies and recommendations that add up to success. 

Our services are below, but if you don’t see exactly what your campus needs, let’s start a conversation. We never put our partner institutions “in a box” and we don’t just offer “out of the box” services. We get to know our partner institutions and individualize services based on your unique vision, mission, and needs. Our team of experts is agile enough to design a new solution with your campus in mind, beginning with strategy planning conversations focused on the  challenges that you face and the opportunities for growth that follow.

enrollment and financial aid solutions