Senior Consultant for Academic Strategies

Myriah has over 21 years of comprehensive higher education leadership experience incorporating Academics, Administration, Operations, Student Affairs, and ethical judgement to influence efficient daily operations and student success.

The executive level leadership positions she has held are Interim President, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Workforce Development, Vice President of Administrative Services which included being the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Student Affairs Officer.

Due to her extensive career path in higher education and transformative solutions, she is often invited to speak at national and international conferences. Myriah’s areas of expertise are in Strategic Planning, Academic Innovation, Operational Efficiencies, Student Success, Global Higher Education, Labor Relations, and Union Contract Negotiations.

Myriah is a first-generation college student and child of Appalachia, one of the poorest economic regions in the United States. She has experienced first-hand the socioeconomic barriers that exist for all too many students around the world. Overcoming these obstacles by persevering to obtain a bachelor degree, master’s degree and Ph.D., demonstrates that she has the unique vision of what it takes to develop strong institutions dedicated to educating and mentoring students to positively impact social change for their local region, their nation and our world. Her career has been focused on creating opportunities for students by helping them realize their potential through education and self-assurance so no goal will ever be out of reach.

She has earned a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and a Master’s degree in Higher Education from Ohio University and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from the University of Toledo. Myriah is also a Herrmann Brain Dominance Certified Practitioner skilled at developing teams by leveraging cogitative diversity and the Whole Brain Model. Additionally, she has earned certificates from Villanova University in Strategic Organizational Planning, Mastering Human Resource Organizational Effectiveness, and Human Resource Management.

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