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A Driving Strategic Enrollment Growth partnership with Credo integrates the critical elements of  enrollment, pricing, and program mix to orient your institution toward sustainable health.

Achieving strategic enrollment health requires rich planning and a broad approach, connecting the work of the admission team with strong enrollment practices, and layering in the right mix of program pipelines, financial aid packaging, and tuition pricing strategies. The DSEG does just that, mobilizing a campus at all levels to drive increased net tuition revenue.

A deep research agenda of data mining and analysis, external surveys, and marketplace analysis builds a foundation for the DSEG. An on-campus assessment enriches the research findings; and interactive, cross-functional modules aligned with areas of greatest impact drive action, accountability, and results.

Credo’s DSEG draws on the firm’s almost 25 years of experience in independent higher education colleges and universities. Through our research and work, we know that thriving institutions pursue strategic growth through four interconnected lenses:


Critical enrollment functions and activities at thriving institutions – such as funnel development, the campus guest experience, transfer strategies, and communications and marketing – are clearly defined, shared across the team, and captured in a living, comprehensive strategic enrollment plan which supports institutional goals.


Thriving institutions have an entrepreneurial and marketplace-conscious mindset drives academic program development and evaluation, with close attention to relevance in the marketplace, connection to mission, and cost to deliver. Clear metrics exist for program addition and deletion, as well as specific pipeline strategies for recruitment.


Thriving institutions position the right people in the right roles and develop their ability to execute strong practices over and over again. This starts with a strong onboarding process, includes clear pathways of growth and ongoing professional development, and involves key campus partners outside the admission office.


Thriving institutions focus on value, not just sticker price, ensuring strategic integration of financial aid strategy, the institution’s competitive context, and compelling case-making.

The Driving Strategic Enrollment Growth partnership takes a deep dive into each of "the four Ps," resulting in targeted recommendations across all critical areas and modules that, through ongoing partnership, stand up or rebuild effective systems, processes, and practices to create campus ownership and sustainability beyond the life of the project.

The DSEG engages the campus over the course of 18-24 months and unfolds through a series of often overlapping and always integrated steps over two phases.

PHASE 1: Campus Readiness > Project Orientation > Campus Kick-Off > Research > Assessment

Credo’s Data Review & Survey Research runs throughout the projects, and includes:

  • Staff and Resource Benchmarking
  • Funnel Analysis
  • Marginal Revenue Analysis
  • Program Landscape Review
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Employment Trend Analysis
  • Packaging Effectiveness Scan
  • Pricing Scan
  • Additional research or analysis may be undertaken during module implementation.

Research underpins all our work together, and ties the phases and modules together in a meaningful way, resulting in actionable, implementable strategies for success.

PHASE 2: Module Selection > Module Implementation > Final Presentation

Based on what is learned during Phase 1, modules will be selected that will create the greatest impact on sustainable enrollment health and net tuition revenue. 

Module Themes include:

  • Funnel Strategies
  • Data Mining & Application
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Program Growth Strategies
  • Program Value & Viability
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Team Training
  • Financial Aid
  • Value Proposition/Student Outcomes

Upon implementation, these modules strengthen the health and sustainability of your practices, people, programs, and pricing model, ultimately benefiting your enrollment and moving you forward in achieving net revenue goals.

Outcomes of the DSEG:

At the highest level, partners can expect increased net tuition revenue through a combination of increased enrollment, improved packaging and pricing strategies, and program pipeline strength.

1 – 3 Year Outcomes:

  • Increased yield from transformed guest experience.
  • Increased conversion and yield from the funnel.
  • Clarity about program value to determine/build clear system of program addition and deletion.
  • Three to six implemented strategies that collectively result in 5-10% increase in new students.
  • Improved understanding of data and analysis that drives a specific, transparent system of accountability.
  • Pathway roadmaps for early and mid-career enrollment managers.
  • Highly functional and driven sales team.
  • Packing strategy that maximizes use of committed resources.
  • Ability to tell a compelling value proposition.
  • Ability to accurately predict institutional financial health in order to measure the potential impact of pilot initiatives.

3 – 5 Year Outcomes:

  • Compound return on DSEG investment.
  • Sustained enrollment health.
  • Maximized enrollment capacity across major programs.
  • Operationalized system of program addition and deletion.

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