Strategic Planning begins with Strategic Thinking

Discovery & Preparation

A goal-setting touchpoint with the president kicks off the discovery. The leadership team then completes Credo's Thriving Diagnostic Tool to assess urgency across the nine elements of institutional health, and an information request guides data sharing. 

Leadership Clarity

Bring your team together for an intensive day-and-a-half with one of our lead consultants to evaluate your current reality; develop a clear path for success; and create engagement, buy in, and momentum. Teams leave the leadership retreat with a first "beat-up" draft strategy map to guide ongoing development.

Community Engagement

The Community Day provides a forum for campus constituencies to provide feedback on the direction and strategic priorities for the institution, and can be as intimate or as open as fits the culture of your campus. Our partner campuses report that a Community Day increases awareness of the strategic plan and initiatives; creates excitement around institutional direction; encourages open dialogue, questions, and feedback; and results in an institution-wide commitment to positive change.

Board Engagement

The voice of the board in the development of the strategic plan is gained during the board engagement, which seeks to create clarity, connection, and buy-in from this critical group of stakeholders.

Benefits & outcomes from these phases of Strategic Thinking include: 

  • Alignment across the leadership team & board of trustees in identifying the most critical objectives for the strategic plan, with focused engagement of all other critical constituencies 
  • Multi-level campus community engagement in the development & execution of your plan

Find out how having the right partner can make Strategic Planning & Implementation seamless, comprehensive, and supportive. Download the Credo Strategic Planning Guide to walk through the planning phases, learn more about potential outcomes and benefits, and find out what makes the Credo Strategic Plan different from any other higher education strategic plan.

Download My Strategic Planning &  Implementation Guide

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Having the right partner at the table can be a game changer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your campus to flourish.