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Admitted Student Research

Credo’s Admitted Student Research (ASR) project delivers comprehensive data and analysis that focus exclusively on admitted students and the factors that inform their institutional selections. Credo's ASR will help you understand not only the needs of your desired constituency, but also how to interpret data to implement strategic processes to improve your institution’s enrollment and retention success.

Expected outcomes include:

  • A comparative analysis of your results against those from other campuses to see how your admitted students differ from other institutions'.
  • Data-driven insights into what campus team members should be meeting with students when they visit your institution.
  • Timely results. Our research is conducted during the summer before admitted students have turned into college students. This increases the value of the data since your team will receive it before perceptions from visiting campus can replace targeted recruitment impressions.
  • Since you receive the survey results in the fall, your admission team will have time to utilize the research to impact the current recruitment cycle.
  • Credo offers analysis of the research and offers recommendations on how to apply it, which expedites the speed with which an admission team and campus is able to turn the research into action.

Admitted Student Parent Research

Did you know that parents have always been rated as the most influential in a student’s decision on where to go to college?

One of the key ASR questions revolves around the degree to which various people influenced student choices. The data suggests a strong value in surveying parents, in addition to admitted students, to see how moms and dads form their impressions of colleges and what factors influence their thinking as they counsel their children on university choices.

Admitted Student Parent ASR provides both raw and analyzed data that can provide the following beneficial outcomes for your college or university:

  • A solid baseline measurement of the impact new strategies are beginning to have as you build your team and improve processes, communication flow and systems. Subsequent ASR will show the progress you and your team are making.
  • A clear understanding of the drivers of enrollment decisions at your institution.
  • A deeper understanding of how prospective students’ primary influencers are navigating the college search process with their children, and what are critical factors for them in the decision-making partnership.
  • Strategy implications from the data presented thoughtfully by a senior member of our Enrollment Solutions team.
  • A presentation you can use with faculty, the board, and other campus groups to build understanding of the key factors and influencers of college choice.

The right data used the right way can greatly impact your institution’s net revenue, and can give you the tools you need to strategically and efficiently pursue the best-fit students--and parents--for your college or university.

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