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The Campus Guest Experience is the most impactful recruitment activity that Credo will design in partnership with you. A campus visit is when your prospective students try your college on for size. We know that the experiences guests have factor highly in their eventual choice of a college.  

Effective campus visits connect students with the most impactful people, places, and experiences on your campus—far more than a website can provide – and help them decide whether or not they should call your campus home.

Credo partners with you to assess your current campus guest experience and identify opportunities relative to the following key areas:

  1. Campus Event Organization (also includes summer events and those outside admission),
  2. Campus Tour and Tour Guide Assessment,
  3. Systems and Processes:
    • A thorough assessment of your process from website registration to the welcome experience to closing the visit,
    • An assessment of the look, feel, and functionality of your welcome experience including arrival branding, greeting families, reception spaces, restrooms, meeting rooms, and layout of the Admission space,
  4. Roles and Responsibilities,
  5. Data-Decision Making,
  6. Mobilizing the Campus,
  7. Recruitment & Marketing the visit, and
  8. Technology Use: social media, inbound marketing, virtual tour options, video clips, and more.

When these fundamentals are in place, the result is an innovative campus guest experience. When combined with great storyboarding of your tour and a genuine signature moment, your campus guest experience moves from good to great and will stand out from the rest!

Once there is great confidence that your campus guest experience is truly well-executed, customized for each student, and authentically demonstrative of what life on campus is all about, it is time to strategically focus on driving more campus visits by the right students in order to increase enrollment.  

Benefits and outcomes of engaging in a campus guest experience solution include:

  • A clear connection to the enrollment plan and understanding of campus visitor numbers as a predictive lead indicator of enrollment.
  • A strategy to increase the number of campus visitors with the greatest likelihood to enroll.
  • Strategies to mobilize the entire campus to provide the most impactful interaction with campus guests.
  • A clear plan for campus visit logistics.
  • An optimal campus tour route that maximizes key places on your campus.
  • Script recommendations for your guides and story boarding of your tour.
  • A training plan for your campus guides that balances emphasis on key selling points with sharing their own student experience.
  • A strong close to the visit with an emphasis on moving students to the next steps to apply, make their deposit, and enroll.

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