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Board & Leadership Development

Talent Development

We Equip Your Talented Team To Play Their Critical Role In Student Success 

Empowering aspiring leaders at all levels to be active participants in their own success and the success of students and the organization


"Retention is the job of everyone on campus" is the motto of many of our Moving The Needle partnership campuses. 

Currently available for our Moving the Needle partnership campuses, the program builds personal leadership awareness and abilities, sets research-informed context for how students thrive in college, and exposes participants to the current realities and opportunities of higher education. 

Benefits of the Talent Development Program: 

  • Individual leadership growth through assessment, reflection, dialogue, and analysis.  
  • Professional development that is leadership driven and tailored toward personally and professionally affecting change and community success 
  • Personalized assessments and workshops to facilitate leadership-style strengths  
  • Credly badge for program completion for all eligible participants 

Who is eligible? 

Currently this program is only available to Moving The Needle partner campuses and cohorts. Please contact us  to learn how to join a future class.  


I would recommend the Talent Development Program to a colleague because it is a great opportunity to identify your leadership style and think about the broader role you can play with a focus on students across the university.