Strategic Planning means nothing without Strategic Action

Plan Approval

With Credo's ongoing support, the president brings the completed strategy map with underlying targets, measures, initiatives, and projects before the faculty and staff for affirmation and information, as well as to the board for their final approval. 


Credo guides campuses through three distinct implementation phases, providing consistent support for the president and initiative owners ranging from board communications and plan approval, project plan build and management, software development, metrics definitions and dashboards, and managing cultural change through strategy.

Implementation Support

The Credo team monitors progress and schedules monthly meetings via audio and/or video calls to discuss issues, assist in identifying and removing roadblocks, and offer help in updating the plan.  Credo will also facilitate one full day either on campus or at the NC Credo office with the president and cabinet members for a strategic planning review to manage and maintain the plan.

Benefits & Outcomes of the Strategic Action phases include:

  • Ongoing support & accountability through implementation of the plan, for at least one year & for as many years beyond that point as the institution desires.
  • Increased institutional self-esteem & momentum through effective strategic plan execution.

Here's what one university president has to say about how their partnership with Credo demystified strategic planning and gave their plan a results-oriented focus and simplified roadmap to bring the entire community together.

Through all the work with Credo, what keeps us coming back is that they don't just do what's asked. They do so much more.

Tiffany Franks, President, Averett University

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