Strategic Planning We don't just help you build a plan; we stay with you as you implement it.

Strategic planning at Credo is a data-informed, action-oriented planning experience that meets your campus where you are and takes you where you want to be. We begin by reviewing your existing data and plans, then build on your success by incorporating wide-reaching community buy-in and infusing your input with best- and next- practices.

We view strategic planning as a partnership, and from the beginning, your Credo team remains constant. Each strategic planning partnership includes a dedicated team of consultants, to whom you have unlimited access throughout the entire planning period.

The process of creating our new strategic plan has been energizing for the campus community and we are excited to begin implementation. What I really like about Credo's approach to strategic planning is the focus on metrics and accountability, as well as the hands-on attention that their consultants give to you during and after the process. Because they are experts in private higher education, it is a true partnership and they care about our success. 

-Deanne D'Emilio, President, Gwynedd Mercy University 

A two-year partnership & a comprehensive approach
Phase 1 - Strategic Thinking
Phase 2 - Strategic Planning
Phase 3 -  Strategic Action

The Credo strategic plan is one that is alive

The Credo strategic plan is flexible, adaptable, and iterative. We can lay our process into any existing plan at any point in your planning or implementation process. Combined with your insider ideas, we’ll provide diagnostic tools, data, and software to track your progress and make sure you’re implementing your initiatives and successfully meeting your objectives over time.

Get on track or move further ahead than you thought possible by creating and implementing a strategic plan that will impact your institution’s culture of innovation, habit of reflection and intentionality, and net revenue and strategic finance. Transform your entire campus with a tangible vision for success and empower your leadership, faculty, staff, and students to fully live out your mission.

What do you get with a Credo strategic plan that you won't get elsewhere?

  • A plan grounded in the Thriving Framework. This research-based framework was developed through years of higher education consulting and more than 200 strategy discussions with college and university presidents. The Thriving Framework provided the basis for  “Surviving to Thriving: A Planning Framework for Leaders of Private Colleges and Universities,” and a copy of this book, along with the Thriving Framework Diagnostic Tool, is included for all participants of the leadership team retreat
  • A visual Strategy Map. Based off the Thriving Scorecard, your map will be a hybrid of the Thriving Framework and Kaplan and Norton’s Balanced Scorecard research, which is used exclusively in higher education and developed by Credo. Gone are the days of strategic plans bound into notebooks, gathering dust on a shelf. A Strategy Map brings visual focus to your institution’s most critical initiatives and allows for flexibility as initiatives are completed or urgency changes.
  • Software. The Credo team will work with you to develop dashboards, track progress, and tie in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a seamless manner for ease of management and reporting. Our planning software, powered by Nuventive Improve, has the ability to tie directly to campus databases, provide clear metrics, and function as effective planning support and management tools.

A Strategy Map is one key part of a comprehensive Credo Strategic Plan. It lays out succinctly your institutional priorities and visually represents them in a way that can help with community buy-in, support, and fundraising. 

Download a sample Strategy Map

Ready for real change? Let’s get started. Call or email us to give your strategic plan a new purpose.

Not sure if you're ready to undertake strategic planning? Check out this blog, "20 Questions for Strategic Planning Readiness" to consider next steps. 


Going into the process, I already had a plan in mind toward which I intended to steer the conversation. After engaging the leadership team, the campus community, and the Board of Trustees, we produced a plan that was much improved over what I had originally thought it would be. Our plan is better than my original ideas, and with everyone weighing in, it became Marian’s strategic plan, not just mine.
Andrew Manion, President, Marian University

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Having the right partner at the table can be a game changer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your campus to flourish.