CAMPUS MASTER PLANNING Campus spaces should reflect innovative design and a focus on student success.

In master planning, we start with the assumption that students must find the campus itself a compelling place to be – a place that is attractive and more importantly, begins to create a sense of belonging. In other words, students need to be able to say, “I can see myself here.” The campus itself needs to capture your institution’s compelling nature, and a living campus master plan can breathe life into your unique campus’s spaces and places, creating the right environment for best-fit students to find their place and achieve great things.


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Campus Master Planning
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The beauty of having the Credo team on campus is that they listen intently, and whether they are working with faculty, students, administration or even our trustees, they bring us back to the important features of intentionality in creating spaces and places that really do reinforce the mission—actually, animate the mission—of the institution.
George Hagerty, President, Beacon College


Having the right partner at the table can be a game changer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your campus to flourish.