October 19 2010

Here are some quick thoughts on memorable campus guest experiences for prospective students and their parents. 
  • Benefits, Not Features Very few 17-year-olds are impacted by the number of volumes in the library or any other campus feature.  Help them understand why this should matter to them.
  • They Will Live There Prospective students are touring a place where they will live, not just visit, so help them visualize themselves living on campus. This kind of tour is all about the experience of being a student on your campus and less about cornerstones and names on buildings.
  • Safe and Fun Is the student experience safe AND fun?  Demonstrate this with the right kind of statistics, stories and other messages throughout the guest experience.

When a family leaves your campus at the end of their guest experience what messages will they remember?  Chance are the illustrations above will stick with them long after they forget the dates on the cornerstone or the price of copies in your library.

 Tim Fuller Senior Consultant

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