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Major Campus Construction: Planning Podcast Now Available to Stream

April 14 2023

"Major Campus Construction: Planning" Podcast Now Available to Stream Credo's Dawn Rolling, Architect and Director of Design, and Dean Rodeheaver, Senior Campus Planner, recently joined the Business...

Fall 2020 Reopening Guidance

July 27 2020

Credo Design Architects and Campus Planners have compiled guidance and recommendations collected from industry peers and partners, professional associations, and government resources that we hope can...

Placebuilding: What impact does your campus have on your neighbors, community & region?

April 26 2019

The following text is an excerpt from C. C. Strange & J. H. Banning's 2015 work, "Designing For Learning: Creating Campus Environments for Student Success," in which the authors describe four types...

Navigating the Changing Role of Faculty & Learners: Transitioning Physical Spaces & Places

March 5 2019

Consider the incredible explosion of information that the internet and digital technology has wrought. Everyone with a smartphone now carries a library in his or her pocket. We collectively perform...

The Student at the Center: Transforming Learning for the Future

February 26 2019

Photo of Wilson College's Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Architecture & renovation designs by Credo Design Architects. Full project details here. Think of family members, friends,...

Resource Guide: How To Plan College & University Spaces for the Future

October 11 2017

We often encounter (some variation of) the question: how can college and university campuses plan for and prepare the spaces they will need 10 years from now?