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What is Executive Coaching, Really?

June 25 2024

By Dr. Travis Feezell, Senior Consultant

ACA & Credo Launch National Rural Higher Education Leadership Development Partnership

February 14 2024

Credo and the Appalachian College Association (ACA) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to help build the leadership bench within rural higher education across the country. This...

AAC&U and Credo Partner to Support Women Leaders in Higher Education

January 3 2023

The American Association of Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and Credo are thrilled to announce the expansion of the long-running Credo Women in Leadership Initiative (CWLI) to leaders across the...

Questions & Metrics for College & University Boards Leading Through Disruption

October 13 2020

Current times present many challenges to leaders of higher education, not the least of which may be the exposure of boards of trustees ill prepared for timely and well-informed decision-making....

Three Guiding Principles for Fall Decision Making

August 5 2020

In recent weeks, our team wrapped up a Leading Through Disruption interview and survey series with college presidents across the country. Collectively, these leaders serve nearly 70,000 students in...

The Emerging Role of Institutional Identity in Partnerships & Mergers

July 2 2020

“We’re coming to the table holding nothing sacred,” said one president, sharing that their institution was deep in a merger conversation with another college in their region. “Not the mascots, not...

Strategy in the summer of COVID

June 9 2020

While stuck at home these many weeks, board games have come out of the closet to give our family a bit of comfort and whimsy. On the table at my house, we’ve had a few different games rotating...

A 25th Anniversary Reflection on Courageous & Collaborative Leadership

February 24 2020

A Reflection on Courageous & Collaborative Leadership When Dr. William Craft, President of Concordia College at Moorhead, spoke of the leadership of his friend Dr. Thomas (Tom) Flynn, President...

The Top 6 Characteristics of Institutions Ready To Pivot

August 6 2019

The final installation of our "PIVOT" blog series is this list of common characteristics among pivoting institutions. Colleges or universities ready to make major changes will have many, if not all,...

Positioning To Pivot

July 30 2019

Inherent in a pivot at any institution is an extraordinary amount of change.

Leading Through Diversity and Inclusion

July 16 2019

Diversity and inclusion work is ongoing, and it can be difficult and eye-opening. It takes leadership, patience, discipline, engagement, and self-awareness from all constituents: students, staff,...