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4 Student Success Tips to Inclusively Increase Fall-to-Spring Persistence

October 23 2023

By Destiny Harper-Lane, DBA How is your institution generating intensity around understanding strategies that can drive fall-to-spring persistence and ultimately, retention?

Resources to Support Student Success Through COVID-19 Disruption

March 23 2020

The information below reflects practical, implementable strategies to assist real-time with immediate needs that may be arising on your campuses, specifically targeting areas of academic support and...

New Credo Research Brief: Conditions That Promote The Thriving Student

September 3 2019

How does the residential experience influence student success? That is the key question our latest research brief seeks to answer. The answer is multifaceted and compelling.

Stacking Up For a Great Year

August 21 2019

The beginning of the school year is arguably the most exhilarating time of year on a college or university campus. New students, faculty, and staff join returning students, faculty, and staff to form...

New Poll Captures Recent Grads' Reflections on Their Educations

August 1 2019

As we travel the country working with colleges and universities, the topic of the value of higher education remains one of our more frequent and most compelling discussions. Research continues to...

Four Ways to Combat Summer Melt and Increase Fall Enrollment

August 7 2018

Contributors: Steve Morley, Michelle Samuels-Jones, and Joe Henry-Penrose This blog is based off the authors’ responses to this Hidden Brain podcast episode.

Seven Predictors of Student Success and Retention

April 19 2018

While postsecondary institutions invest significant effort and resources in understanding why students leave, a more important but often ignored question is why students choose to stay. We know...

Marian University: Moving the Retention Needle

October 19 2016

As a Franciscan institution, Marian University has a strong sense of calling – modeling courage, passion, and compassion to help all students succeed. Providing access is one thing. Improving...

Reflections upon NPR's "On Campus, Older Faculty Keep On Keepin' On"

October 12 2015

More and more faculty ponder the eternal question: "should I stay or should I go?"

So Just What Does a Chief Enrollment Officer Do Anyway?

March 26 2015

By Tim Fuller, Senior Vice President / Owner.

Considering an Adult Education Program: Part One

December 2 2011

Institutions are increasingly serving learners of varying ages and employment backgrounds. In fact, three fourths of today’s college students are nontraditional and 38% work full-time. Adult...