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Resources to Support Student Success Through COVID-19 Disruption

March 23 2020

The information below reflects practical, implementable strategies to assist real-time with immediate needs that may be arising on your campuses, specifically targeting areas of academic support and...

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Higher Education?

February 13 2020

What will be the impact of autonomous vehicles on higher education? With all the changes happening and predicted for colleges, our team at Credo decided to take one specific change coming to our...

Emma Jones & Joretta Nelson Featured in New 31 Minutes Podcast

September 25 2019

We are so excited to share the H·A ThirtyOne podcast, 31Minutes, as they share “Creating a Culture of Planning and Strategic Risk,” an interview with Emma Jones, Chief Brand Officer/Owner, and...

Pivoting Toward What’s Possible: Author & Credo Co-founder Joanne Soliday Featured in 31 Minutes Podcast

September 3 2019

"Colleges and universities aren’t typically known for being nimble or change-embracing, but intense and rapid changes in technology, demographics, and culture are demanding that higher ed innovate...

The Top 6 Characteristics of Institutions Ready To Pivot

August 6 2019

The final installation of our "PIVOT" blog series is this list of common characteristics among pivoting institutions. Colleges or universities ready to make major changes will have many, if not all,...

Positioning To Pivot

July 30 2019

Inherent in a pivot at any institution is an extraordinary amount of change.

Leading Through Diversity and Inclusion

July 16 2019

Diversity and inclusion work is ongoing, and it can be difficult and eye-opening. It takes leadership, patience, discipline, engagement, and self-awareness from all constituents: students, staff,...

Creating Conversations Around Bias and Inclusivity

July 10 2019

Universities should serve as places where diverse thought can be explored, analyzed, and understood in terms of its origin and impact. Within this exploration rests a profound commitment to open,...

Diversity & Inclusion: Adopting a Framework to Ground Efforts

June 25 2019

With important but disparate diversity resources spread across our campuses—from human resources to student affairs to the enrollment office to academic affairs—true culture change can only be...

Opportunity and Inclusion: Diversifying the Campus Culture

June 18 2019

The powerful alchemy of issues of access combined with the still-profound realities around diversity and inclusion in our country today presents higher education with one of the most compelling...

Agility, Relevance & Learning Design

June 4 2019

Curriculum development must use speed-to-market as a key success measure. The new university cannot spend two years thinking about a program and another year developing it for delivery. In the new...