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An Admissions Team's Guide to Minimizing Melt With Admitted Student Research

April 22 2021

Do your campus partners have an understanding of melt and that losing students between committing in the spring and the start of classes in the fall is a real challenge for admissions offices across...

Seven Predictors of Student Success and Retention

April 19 2018

While postsecondary institutions invest significant effort and resources in understanding why students leave, a more important but often ignored question is why students choose to stay. We know...

Why Didn't They Choose Us? What Students Look For in a College

December 21 2016

For many colleges, the summer is “closing the deal” time with new students. I used to joke about the fist-sized dent in my wooden desk, created over time from the frustration following conversations...

Why Students Stay

July 8 2011

Here at Credo, our work related to student success is focused on why students stay rather than why they leave. Why is that, you may ask?

The College Search: What Students Want

April 21 2011

Last year, Credo partnered with nine institutions that use our Admitted Student Research (ASR) service to gain a sense of why some students chose one institution over another; a student’s...

The Logic of Predictive Modeling in Admissions Work: Part II

July 30 2010

In my previous blog post, I introduced the concept of predictive modeling in admissions work. In a nutshell, admission professionals can use predictive modeling to isolate those inquiries that are...

The Logic of Predictive Modeling in Admissions Work: Part I

July 26 2010

Assume you have an inquiry pool of 10,000 students. How should admission staff engage in recruiting those students?