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Moving The Needle on Retention: The Pathways Student Success Report

June 6 2023

"My Experience Wasn't What I Expected" Findings from the 2022 Moving The Needle Pathways To Student Success Survey highlight that meeting student expectations is a critical factor in determining...

Resources to Support Student Success Through COVID-19 Disruption

March 23 2020

The information below reflects practical, implementable strategies to assist real-time with immediate needs that may be arising on your campuses, specifically targeting areas of academic support and...

How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Higher Education?

February 13 2020

What will be the impact of autonomous vehicles on higher education? With all the changes happening and predicted for colleges, our team at Credo decided to take one specific change coming to our...

Agility, Relevance & Learning Design

June 4 2019

Curriculum development must use speed-to-market as a key success measure. The new university cannot spend two years thinking about a program and another year developing it for delivery. In the new...

The Explosion of Adult Education: Meeting Learners Where They Are

May 21 2019

Almost thirty million working adults in the United States aspire to complete a college degree they began years ago, and more than forty million others could enhance their career prospects, but have...

Bigger Than Efficiency: Managing Cost Across the Academic Unit

April 30 2019

Student learning is our enterprise; it’s why our institutions exist. The heart of our business is the development and execution of learning that results in transformed students who are prepared for...

Case Study: Marian University's Medical College Transformation

April 17 2019

Marian defines a great Catholic university as one that educates transformational leaders for service to the world. The power of mission, faith, and sense of service to humanity is felt on campus. The...

Nine Ways Life Coaches Contribute to Student Success

April 17 2019

In the new university, faculty will no longer be advisors across the spectrum of the collegiate experience, but rather mentors about what they know best: i.e., their field of study and a student’s...

The Student at the Center: Transforming Learning for the Future

February 26 2019

Photo of Wilson College's Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology. Architecture & renovation designs by Credo Design Architects. Full project details here. Think of family members, friends,...