December 12 2023


The Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities (APCU) and Credo are excited to announce a strategic partnership to drive increased student success and retention on APCU campuses. Launching annual cohorts for Credo’s Moving the Needle (MTN) program will create a body of networked student success experts across APCU campuses, improving student outcomes across the board and ultimately elevating the value proposition of Presbyterian higher education.

We are delighted to embark on this new phase of collaboration with the APCU. It creates synergy with Credo’s ongoing role as APCU’s leadership development partner and leverages the success of Credo MTN partnerships with member campuses Davis & Elkins College, Schreiner University, and University of Pikeville.

– Emma Jones, Executive Vice President & Owner at Credo


Stretching across the United States and around the world, Presbyterian-related colleges and universities are serving more than 140,000 students. For APCU campuses, improving retention rates is essential to inclusively serving this diverse group of students who represent a broad range of social, academic, and spiritual communities. Nearly 60% of students are the first in their families to attend college, 48% are from families with challenging socioeconomic circumstances, and 34% are from underrepresented groups.

Credo has proven to be an excellent strategic partner for the APCU and we look forward to building on this partnership as we work together to enhance student success by extending the MTN program to additional APCU campuses.

- Jeffrey E. Arnold, Executive Director of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges & Universities 

Why Moving the Needle?


For more than a decade, Credo’s action-oriented and results-driven MTN partnerships have improved retention and graduation rates, increased institutional net revenue, and strengthened institutional culture.


The 5-year MTN partnership begins annually each spring. Since 2020, Credo has welcomed 29 institutions that are projected to add more than 1,000 additional new graduates, 300+ new graduates after close of the project, and nearly $70 million in new tuition revenue for the schools.


The MTN Partnership includes:


  • Campus Adapted Approach: Utilizes existing culture and structure, elevates excellence practices, and designs strategies that align with your priorities.
  • Talent Development: Faculty and staff identified as changemakers across campus participate in leadership development.
  • Success Intelligence Platform: Pharos Resources technology provides quick access to accurate data across campus for early and continuous intervention for students.
  • Revenue Share Model: Investing in future generations of learners, Credo is only compensated for the work when the needle moves from increased revenue from retained students.
  • MTN Collaborative: Share and problem-solve through learning communities, workshops, and summits with timely topics and application recommendations curated and facilitated by Credo.

student success is our Shared success

At a challenging time for increasing new student enrollment, improved retention is a critical strategy for institutions to achieve sustained financial resilience. Credo’s Moving the Needle project is the only campus-consultant partnership that reorients a campus culture around the success of its students, both in strategy and in practice, looking at every aspect of the student experience across campus. It is a multi-year, data-driven effort, with immediate and long-term student success outcomes.

Credo is thrilled to be a part of the amazing momentum for student success being created by this strategic partnership with the APCU.

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