December 31 2018

The decision to bring in an outside consultant is a big one. After all, an institution is most likely to consider a consultant when they are facing a great challenge or on the precipice of a great opportunity. Selecting the right partner at that moment can make or break an institution’s ability to achieve its goals.

In Credo’s ongoing quest to become THE trusted partner and catalyst for leaders building thriving independent colleges and universities, we’ve identified the key criteria that an institution should absolutely insist on if they are looking for a consultant who can lead them to and through positive change.


Find a consultant who is recognized as a knowledge leader within the higher education industry, and has the background experience and references to prove it.



While a good consultant brings depth and breadth of experience to the table, they shouldn’t rely on their past to create your institution’s future. A great partner is a great listener who gets to know your institution’s needs and goals first, then develops a solution around them.



Think beyond the price tag. To truly assess the value of your investment in a consultant, consider the quality of their investment in you. Will you be collaborating with senior-level experts? Will you be equipped with resources that serve you for the long run?



What does success look like? Before moving forward with any consulting engagement, be sure you have set clear expectations and defined the specific metrics for success.

A consultant that fulfills these key criteria will be far more likely to drive the positive impact that you are looking for from the engagement.

Are we delivering on our vision?

We recently surveyed 465 president and cabinet-level leaders of colleges and universities across the nation. The majority of College Presidents reported that Credo delivered in the key areas that are critical to driving change and growth. 

91% believe that the Credo team are knowledge leaders.

90% say that the value of Credo’s services is higher than other consulting firms.

94% say the Credo team listens to them and meets them where they are.

94% say Credo met or exceeded their expectations.


91% of College Presidents surveyed report that Credo’s work had a positive impact on their institution.


Do you need help addressing a challenge, capitalizing on an opportunity or driving a critical change at your institution? It may be time to talk to a Credo consultant about how to move forward strategically and effectively.

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