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How Will Autonomous Vehicles Impact Higher Education?

February 13 2020

What will be the impact of autonomous vehicles on higher education? With all the changes happening and predicted for colleges, our team at Credo decided to take one specific change coming to our...

Partnerships & Placebuilding In Rural Higher Education

January 29 2020

One of the most obvious distinctions of rural colleges is that they are distant from an urban center, and with this comes smaller populations, economic challenges, and, oftentimes, financial distress.

Three Kinds of Rural: Debunking the Myth of Desolation in Rural America

January 8 2020

Often in conversations or interviews about rural areas, we continue to hear people, usually those not from rural areas, talking in general terms, painting with broad strokes, and creating an overall...

Credo To Honor Dr. Thomas J. Flynn as 7th Annual Courageous Leadership Award Winner

November 12 2019

Credo is excited to announce Dr. Thomas J. Flynn, President Emeritus of Alvernia University, as the recipient of our seventh annual Courageous Leadership Award.

5 Tips To Building Your Best Enrollment Funnel

September 26 2019

The admissions entrance in the renovated gymnasium at Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis, MN.  The enrollment funnel as a pure indicator of institutional growth is a misnomer. Many...

Emma Jones & Joretta Nelson Featured in New 31 Minutes Podcast

September 25 2019

We are so excited to share the H·A ThirtyOne podcast, 31Minutes, as they share “Creating a Culture of Planning and Strategic Risk,” an interview with Emma Jones, Chief Brand Officer/Owner, and...

Pivoting Toward What’s Possible: Author & Credo Co-founder Joanne Soliday Featured in 31 Minutes Podcast

September 3 2019

"Colleges and universities aren’t typically known for being nimble or change-embracing, but intense and rapid changes in technology, demographics, and culture are demanding that higher ed innovate...

New Credo Research Brief: Conditions That Promote The Thriving Student

September 3 2019

How does the residential experience influence student success? That is the key question our latest research brief seeks to answer. The answer is multifaceted and compelling. 

Credo hosts second annual rural higher education institute

August 22 2019

Credo is excited to be on the campus of Martin Methodist College in Pulaski, Tennessee, September 24-26, 2019, to host the second annual Rural Higher Education Institute. The theme of this year's...

Stacking Up For a Great Year

August 21 2019

The beginning of the school year is arguably the most exhilarating time of year on a college or university campus. New students, faculty, and staff join returning students, faculty, and staff to form...

Four Approaches to Data

August 15 2019

During my time at Credo I’ve been on several hundred campuses and many of those visits have involved working with institutional data about enrollment, programs, retention, finance, and market...