May 18 2013

Thriving Scorecard Postings Index The following postings provide insight on the use of a balanced scorecard (BSC) within the context of higher education. Postings are typically 2-3 pages in length and can be read in 10-15 minutes.

Why a Balanced Scorecard for a College or University?

A rationale as to why a balanced scorecard can increase the strategic focus and clarity for institutional leaders and stakeholders.

Understanding Strategic Altitude

Many institutional leaders are bogged down with tactical issues. This posting focuses on the importance of raising the strategic altitude of our work and leadership.

Developing a Balanced Scorecard Collaboratively

Strategy is a team sport. To get the most out of the balanced scorecard on your campus, a collaborative team process is key.

Strategy Map Development

Developing a Strategy Map: Basic Concepts

An overview of the components of a Strategy Map and how a one-page visual can provide strategic alignment across the institution

Developing a Strategy Map: Vision, Mission, and Values

The foundations of any organization are found in its vision, mission, and values. These form both the foundation and the aspirational features of the Strategy Map.

Developing a Strategy Map: Strategic Themes

A discussion on how 3-5 high-level strategic themes can highlight the current (2-3 years) priorities for the institution.

Developing a Strategy Map: Strategic Objectives

Strategic objectives form the core strategy for each strategic theme including a focus on both strategic drivers as well as strategic results.

Balanced Scorecard Development

Meaningful Measures

Identifying the most strategic measures is key to the success of a balanced scorecard. The right mix of these measures is also key.

Measures and Targets

Measures give us important information on where we are at in regards to strategic variables. Targets provide a reference point as to where we would like to go in our institutional future.

Piloting Your Balanced Scorecard

Once the planning work is completed, the piloting phase begins. This is the time to get your campus up to speed with a minimal amount of stress and strain.

Monthly Strategy Meetings

Effective strategy is a journey as much as a destination. Giving monthly attention to your strategy can keep your team fresh and focused.

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