August 31 2023

Transforming Institutional Viability Through Student Success 

MTN drives participant tuition revenue by cultivating a thriving student success culture.

Credo’s Moving the Needle MTN partner institutions experience increases in both first-time, full-time student retention and graduation rates. Improved student persistence has a direct impact on tuition revenue as more students re-enroll for the second year and continues to grow as more cohorts go through their education. Our latest research estimates the increased tuition revenue associated with MTN participation over a five-year period.

Average Retention & Associated Tuition Revenue


Increases in tuition revenue associated with taking part in MTN vary based on improvements in retention, incoming FTFT class size, tuition, and any discounting.

  • Schools increase annual tuition revenue by $1.9 million through improved FTFT retention. 
  • Over five years, schools accumulated more than $4 million in additional tuition revenue. 
  • When converting actual increases to 2022 dollars, the average annual increase is $2.3 million by Year Five with a cumulative increase of $5 million dollars. 

Access the full research brief, Moving The Needle On Tuition Revenue, to learn more about how MTN drives student success, retention, and institutional viability. 

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