October 12 2023

Credo is pleased to announce the 2023 Moving the Needle classCongratulations to these institutions for their commitment to building an inclusive, student-centric culture through our 5-year Moving The Needle partnership that engages the full campus community in developing, implementing, and enhancing the conditions and practices that foster student success.

the 2023 Moving The needle Class

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These five campuses moved into action over the summer, elevating the use of data through Credo’s partnership with Pharos Resources to implement immediate strategies to impact fall to spring persistence. MTN partners also invited talent from across the campus to participate in a unique professional development opportunity known as MTN Talent Development, a program that builds leadership awareness and abilities, sets research-informed context for how students thrive in college, and exposes participants to the current realities and opportunities of higher education.

Catalyzing Growth, Growing Net Revenue

When asked what he was most excited about for the new group of MTN institutions, Tom Gavic, Credo Chairman, said: 

For me, it's not just the millions in new revenue that these institutions are projected to realize. It's the hundreds of new students that will continue to graduate from these institutions even after the Credo partnership concludes. It's the thousands of lives and communities that are already being changed and impacted by their higher education experiences and due to the culture-changing work of Moving the Needle. That's what I'm most excited about.

Cultivating RadicalLy Inclusive Student-focused Communities

Credo is excited to welcome these institutions and see them join the 24 colleges and universities that launched MTN in 2020-2022, 12 of which have entered a new phase of student success work focused on creating ongoing structures to ensure that retention efforts continue and are maximized beyond the timeline of the MTN project.

MTN is all about setting up and empowering systems, processes, and in-house expertise for a healthy and sustainable future. This work has the potential to catalyze increased health and sustainability for the institutions, their students, and their communities for years to come.

We look forward to continue building the future of higher education with this amazing group, and we will continue sharing the resounding impacts of our work together.

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