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Credo provides a range of training, coaching, and consulting opportunities designed to energize and empower individuals and teams to think strategically, lead, and serve others and meet enrollment goals

Whether you are a President investing in a new Chief Enrollment Officer who has great skills and passion for higher education, but needs to learn more about Enrollment, or a Vice President for Enrollment looking for an experience that will train, revitalize, and inspire your team, we can meet that challenge. These highly customizable solutions are shaped in conversation with you and are all about investing in your most critical resource—your team.

Leadership development can start at any level.

Are you looking for additional leadership resources?

  • Credo conducts Aspiring Leadership Workshops. Mostly for consortia and associations, this work deepens the leadership bench and coaches up the next generation of change-makers on your campus or at your organization.
  • Credo also offers Strategic Advising to Presidents and Vice Presidents outside of enrollment services, matching higher educational leadership with a qualified senior leadership advisor.
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Do you know you could benefit from a leadership advisor, but aren't sure how to get started? Contact us to get some ideas and a clear trajectory for your roadmap to success.

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Having the right partner at the table can be a game changer. We’d love to talk to you about how we can help your campus to flourish.