September 3 2019

How does the residential experience influence student success? That is the key question our latest research brief seeks to answer. The answer is multifaceted and compelling. 

"Residential environments are the most powerful vehicle for influencing student success on college campuses. The purpose of this document is to build the case for more intentionality around the residential experience through a synthesis of the research. In summary, residential environments matter because of the opportunities they provide to impact with whom students interact (professors, professionals, and peers) and how those interactions occur (social, academic, and deeper life interactions). Residential environments are not automatically positive interventions for college students. Done poorly, these environments can simply become places for students to sleep and eat (Shushok, 2011). Done well, these environments can provide a transformational educational experience that impacts students long after they graduate (Gallup-Purdue, 2014)."


Read on by downloading your complimentary copy of "Conditions That Promote the Thriving Student: How does the residential experience influence student success?" 

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