February 14 2020

How are you at spotting trends? 

Over the years at Credo, we've partnered with over 400 institutions of higher learning, and have noticed some striking similarities among colleges and universities that are high functioning and successful. From how they adapt their spaces and places on campus to accommodate all their students; to intentional programs they incorporate both within and outside the curriculum that foster success, retention, and climbing graduation rates; to innovation across all levels of leadership, we've compiled some detailed research about what makes thriving institutions, well, thrive.

From this research, we have built case studies featuring several of our partner institutions who have each taken on innovation in higher education in their own unique way. For the past few years, we have updated these case studies, and presented them in partnership with each campus's respective leaders at the CIC Presidents Institute. Following the event, we make these case studies available to everyone.  

Find out how these independent institutions have distinguished themselves from the competition, and put sustainable, intentional practices into play as they recruit, retain, and best serve their students by downloading your complimentary case studies, updated for 2020.  

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