Academic Programming Academic Efficiencies Assessment

Schools, deans, the registrar's office, the library, academic advising, department chairs, and the faculty all constitute the core of a student's academic experience on campus. Gaining clarity around priorities related to the academic experience is critical in the current higher education landscape, and demands a delicate balance between the centrality of learning and the pressure of maximizing revenues. 

An examination of academic efficiencies can maximize your resources across the academic realm, targeting the most effective allocation of support to administrative functions, faculty, and academic staff, allowing them to deliver a superior learning experience to your students.

Outcomes of an Academic Efficiencies Assessment:

  • The creation of a bridge between administration and faculty for conversation about sensitive issues
  • Recommendations for resource allocations to best meet institutional academic priorities
  • The construction of the framework for a system to keep academic expenditures in check
  • The identification of potential positive net revenue implications via found efficiencies
  • Recommendations for additional admission pipelines consistent with our research and discovery
  • The creation of institutional readiness for implementation of a sustainable system to manage the adjustment and addition of academic programs 
  • Benchmarks for future success 
  • Clarification of faculty load issues and recommendations to better balance various faculty roles at programmatic and individual levels 

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